Why happiness is important than success? Success or happiness?

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Happiness is a state of mind and success is a worldly pleasure. Success is something you attract because of the person you become. Happiness is important than success  in many ways. A successful person can be unhappy and it is not mandatory for happy person to be successful at everything. Thus we say that happiness is important.

If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to people or things. – Albert Einstein

Happiness comes from your own actions and your good lifestyle. Different people have different definitions of their own happiness. Successful people could often be over-ambitious and sometimes they may find it very difficult to maintain happiness in their life.

Happiness is not by chance, but it by choice.- Jim Rohn

But studies show us that people who are satisfied with their lives tend to be happier than all others. That is why happiness is more important than success.

Happiness is the new luxury

happiness is not a destination, real definition of happiness. happiness quotes by manish
Happiness is a direction not a destination

Which is better success or happiness?

In my opinion, happiness is more important than success because a successful person can say that he is happy, but an unhappy person can never claim to be really successful in life. Choosing happiness over success or success over happiness is solely your own choice.

Being happy is the greatest form of success.

All people will have a different definition of happiness in their life. Some of them find happiness in making other people jealous of their success. So they will post their happy pictures, everywhere on social media. They will boast about their lifestyle at each and every party and every meeting attended throughout the day.

Such people live a life, based on lame “Show-off” and everyone will make fun of such people. There are others who have understood the real meaning of life. They never show off. They will never make their personal things public.

Happiness is a direction not a destination

Such people have understood the real meaning of “Being Human” and they always maintain the purity of their private life.


Over-ambitious people will always seek success in life, and chasing success will be their topmost priority. Their unending desires will never let them experience happiness. Such people may get successful in life, but it will be very difficult for them to find peace and happiness. That is why happiness is always better than success

Help people find happiness, be the light in the darkness, and make your life worthy and well-lived.  

happiness by dalai lama. what dalai lama say on happiness. happiness quotes by manish
Happiness is not something ready-made, happiness comes from own actions – Dalai lama

What comes first happiness or success?

Happiness should always come first before any success. Real Happiness comes from complete satisfaction in life. Sometimes people make a mindset that when they achieve a particular target and be successful in it, only then they will be happy.

Happiness is not something ready-made, happiness comes from your own actions – Dalai lama

But in reality, those over-ambitious people forget to rejoice in the abundance of happiness all around them while chasing thier insane targets.

This is not the case with everyone, but few people are ever satisfied with their life, no matter what they achieve and they are always confused with every decision they make.


Such people are never happy even after getting success. It is an inevitable truth that happiness is a journey and when you are completely satisfied with your life, only then you can be happy in the journey of your struggle to success. That is why happiness always comes first before success.

Happiness is an emotional experience that always comes from within.

how happiness is luxury? why happiness is priceless? quote happy by manish.
Happiness is the new luxury by Manish

Do you have to be happy to be successful?

Yes, definitely you have to be happy to be really successful in life. Because you can’t say that you are happy unless and until you are satisfied with your success. Once you make peace with the prevailing happiness in your life, you will enjoy the journey of your struggle to success. and that is real happiness, because “there is no path to happiness, happiness is the path”

Wise words say that happiness is the ultimate goal of all the decisions we make in life. In happiness v/s success, the ultimate truth is that happiness is very subjective and it is difficult to measure. This is because we can’t read the emotions of any person with the naked eye.

Success is a worldly appreciation and it is measured externally by other people, or by comparison to other people.

Happiness is often measured for a single individual, but success can be described for an individual or a family or a team in office and also success for a group of people.

Happiness is the ultimate goal of life that everyone aspire to achieve.

There are those people who have a very strong desire or an obsession to be successful in life. They measure happiness on the rate of their success. Now, if they become successful, they will be happy, and if not, they will remain frustrated throughout their life.

Success is often described as getting what you want out of life, on the other hand, happiness is wanting what you get. It means that:

>> Real happiness is if and when you establish peace with your life.

>> Real happiness is when you stop the habit of comparison, complaint, and criticism.

>> Real happiness is when you understand that you should always be satisfied with what you have in life.

Happiness and success both depend on each other. Happiness will definitely affect the level of achievements and success in life and on the other hand, the level of success will affect your happiness.

Happiness is a choice, it is an easy choice and you can choose to be happy, any moment when you learn to control your mind.

and that is why it is sad that “ your mind is this wonderful servant and a terrible master”

Why is happiness so important?

It is proven by science that being happy can have major health benefits in your life. There is evidence that being happy promotes a healthy lifestyle.  You will feel confident and remain satisfied whenever you are happy. It also helps fight stress.

Being happy will boost your immune system and promote heart health. Happiness can reduce the effect of pain in your body.

Also, being happy can also increase your life expectancy.

People say that being happy is the new luxury.

 People find it very difficult to be happy and those who are really happy with their life, they feel blessed and blissful all around. That is why happiness is so important in our life.

Analogy: Happiness is also important because happiness is a feeling and feeling is everything in human life. Being able to experience all the happy emotions in your life is it true blessing from the Almighty.

>> A happy person has established peace in all walks of his life and that person remains satisfied throughout his journey.

>> A happy person remains calm and experiencea a blissful state of peace for most of the day and every day in his life.

Be happy, be bright, never fight and always aspire to be a delight. Manish Chaudhary

albert einstein quote on happiness. how can i be happy in life? happiness quotes manish
If you want to live a happy life tie it to a goal not to people or things. – Albert Einstein

What is the key to happiness in life?

There is only one happiness in life, to love and be Loved. George Sand

There are many keys to happiness and to name a few.

The 10 keys to happiness are:-

1.. Having an attitude of gratitude.

2  Keeping “detached attachment” with everything and everyone you have.

3 If you want to be really happy you have to “accept everything and expect nothing”.

4 You have to keep an optimistic approach toward life.

5 Don’t obsess about the future, live in the moment.

6 Do not buy material things, you should always buy experiences, “beautiful experiences”.

7 Be grateful for everything you have.

8 Give a helping hand whenever you can.

9 Maintain beautiful relationships.

10 Eat well, be healthy, wealthy and wise

Learn to let go, that is “the real key to happiness”- Lord Buddha

Holding on to the past will damage you more than the present struggle. The past is history and it cannot be changed. Obsessing about the past and regretting your actions will only make you suffer again and again, and that is unacceptable for a beautiful life.

The problem may not even exist, but your past mental thoughts will design a perfect mental cage for you and make your life miserable.

Lord Buddha said that you have to learn to let go of your bad memories. So, always hold onto the beautiful memories that give you happy and confident emotions.

Focus all your energy on the present and make it worthy because wherever focus goes energy flows and where energy flows that thing grows.

Yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift, that is why it is called present. – Shifu

What is the real meaning of happiness?

“Happiness Isn’t Something You Feel. It’s Something You Do.”

Happiness is a state of mind which includes feelings of

>> Joy,

>> Satisfaction,

>> Contentment and

>> Fulfillment.

Moreover, everyone has a different definition of happiness, but most commonly the happiness is described as having positive emotions and satisfaction of life. The happier you are, the more satisfied to become and vice versa is also true.

Being happy means:

>> To welcome everything in your life with open arms,

>> To accept everything, whether it is good or bad.

Happiness comes to those:

>> Who are self-sufficient,

>> Who thrive to make other lives happier, and

>> Those who share happiness throughout their journey of life.

Real happiness comes to you when you start enjoying your own company and understand the importance of self-love. Because “loving yourself is the beginning of lifelong Romance”.

True happiness is when you start giving your own life the topmost priority.

Moreover, for every minute you are angry, you will lose 60 seconds of happiness in life.

mind vs happiness. how mind control the happiness . by manish chaudhary. quote on happiness
Your mind is this wonderful servant and a terrible master”


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