What says Buddha on suffering? 3 types of suffering in Buddhism.

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The root cause of all suffering is attachment, says Buddha on suffering.

In life, we come across many people and things. We use people and things according to our needs, but when we become dependent on someone or something, then it creates dependency. And when we become dependent, then we become vulnerable to destruction. Our life then hangs on a very loose string. It can break apart anytime and make our life miserable.

So, it becomes very important for us to learn the formula of detached attachment in life.

Gautama Buddha describes the four noble truths of life:

1. Our life is full of suffering.

2. Suffering is caused by ignorance and selfish desire.

3. When ignorance and craving are reduced, suffering is also reduced.

4. The way to overcome suffering is the path to enlightenment because pain is inevitable and suffering is optional.

A human being is a social animal. We are not meant to live alone. We are meant to live in a society because the proverb also says that “The Lone wolf dies, but the pack survives” and this scenario is also true in the case of human beings.

We have to live in a society and that is what we are created for!

what is happiness, what is real path to happiness
There is no path to happiness, Happiness is the path – Lord Buddha.

But some people have the habit of over-comforting others. Some people never respect themselves because they are slaves to people’s pleasing and external validation.

Moreover, this behavior of pleasing everyone is self-sabotaging and it creates a cavity for a life-sucking abyss. People with this attitude easily become attached to pleasure. If someone pleases them, they will happily fall into the “Honey-Trap”.

Therefore, this leads to their serious attachment to pleasure, which later it becomes a valid reason for prolonged suffering.

How do Buddhists respond to suffering?

In response to suffering, the Buddhists follow the teachings of compassion that will help them to relieve the suffering of others. Karuna is the word for compassion.

Karuna is the desire to help remove harm and suffering from other people’s lives.

In the next stage comes Metta.

Metta is a stage to purify own mind and body.

Buddha teaches his disciples that they should cultivate “Metta” through meditation.

Metta is loving kindness.

Through meditation, Buddhists can reach a very loving and pure state of mind. Buddhist believe that the act of loving helps them concentrate, it helps them in being happy, and keeping healthy relationships with others.

Loving also supports overcoming anger.

Altogether, these acts help them to relieve some suffering in life.

life motivation on the past, how past gives you power
Let the past make you better, Not Bitter!

Buddha said that life is suffering. For many people, this very sentence can be depressing, but Buddha exposed something very important. He said that suffering is just a part of life and when you learn to accept all the imperfections in this life, and in this world, your own life will become less stressful and more meaningful.

Suffering can actually empower people.

In this world, we cannot avoid hardships, but we can change our mindset. We can change how we respond to painful events in our life.

Moreover, Buddha said that when we learn to accept everything and expect nothing, then we can relieve painful emotions that may arise from suffering and stress.

Accept everything and Expect nothing.

What are the 3 types of suffering in Buddhism?

The three types of suffering in Buddhism are:

1.. Dukkha-dukkha – It means the suffering of suffering. And this refers to all kinds of physical and emotional discomfort that gives pain to all humans in their lives.

2.. Viparinama-dukkha – It is the suffering of change. This type of suffering is caused when a human experiences any kind of change in his life. A change in his environment, a change in his body, or any discomfort that comes outside his comfort zone.

3.. Sankhara-dukkha – the suffering of existence. As the wise words say that life can be defined in 5 words and that is birth>> growth>> diseases>> suffering and death.

Suffering is inevitable. No one can stop this suffering from happening and therefore we have to learn to live with it.

So therefore, we can say that the real existence of a human being is the reason for his dukkha.

Did the Buddha say life is suffering?

Buddhists believe in the cycle of Samsara. It is the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth. This means that people will experience suffering many times over.

The cycle of Samsara:- This is the cycle of birth, life, death, and rebirth.

It means that people will again suffer the good and bad deeds, in their rebirth. This means that people will experience suffering in their respective births.

Buddha says that no one can stop suffering. Suffering will always be present in everyone’s life.

how pain is strength. buddha on pain. why pain is important in life
The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow

All of the things a person goes through in his life cause suffering and stress and no one can do anything about it. Instead, they just have to Learn to accept it and move on with their life. The sooner they accept this fact, the happier their life will be.

The suffering teaches us a lesson, it equips us with weapons of self-defense. Suffering improves our mindset towards life.

Suffering is a blessing in disguise.

We have to accept suffering as a part of our own life. Once we develop a good relationship with it then, suffering will stop making our life miserable and make us stronger day by day.

Thus, people who accept suffering as an important lesson in life and have made peace with their suffering, always say that “day by day I am on my way”

Does pain make you stronger?

Yes, the pain will definitely make you stronger. As the proverb says, the pain will eventually subside and excellence will take its place.

You have to respect the pain as it will make you stronger and prepare you for the future.

The pain is a blessing in disguise. Never evade the pain whenever you are struggling for success because the only way out is in (i.e. Going inside the lesson).

For example:- We see in the gym, that people who want to make a muscular physique, have to perform aggressive weight training. During the process, muscle fatigue happens. But still, even in pain, they continue to lift weights and give more stress to their muscles. As a result, muscle tear happens. When that muscle injury is repaired, it becomes stronger and bigger in size.

Moreover, the same things happen in our life. Some or the other situation arises, it gives as stress and causes suffering. We have to bear the pain of the suffering until we learned our lesson.

Ultimately, the pain will go away and it will leave us stronger along with a lesson for life.

How does pain make you a better person?

The pain you feel today will be the strength you feel tomorrow.” ~Unknown

why are you created. why society is important. by manish chaudhary
We have to live in a society and that is what we are created for!

Suffering will give us pain, but always remember that pain has the power to expose our minds to the biggest riches in the world. The pain will leave us with the ability to excel. One day you have to hold your ground and accept suffering as an important lesson in life. You have to accept your fate in reality.

You have to show your face to all your problems because if you turn your back on them, your problems will smash you down on the floor and give you a very good taste of defeat.

You have to protect yourself and you have to protect our thoughts.

The pain that is accompanied by suffering, will change your mindset (either good or bad). Always, you will have the power to make a decision for your life, either you can go dark side or you can choose positive thoughts and positive emotions.

Either you can make your life more miserable or you can accept the existence of a higher power and make your life happier than ever.

So therefore, the pain can force you to seek blessings from a higher power and make you realize the presence of The Almighty God. Pain can fill your life with gratitude and bless your life with happy thoughts of satisfaction. In this way, the pain can evolve your senses and make you a better person.

Frequently asked questions:

Question: How do you convert pain into power?

Answer: Steps to change your pain into power:

>> Accept that suffering is your fate, and learn to live with it.

>> Act normally when in pain.

>> Never take haphazard decisions and create a positive environment for yourself.

>> Work out harder when in pain.

>> Step out of your comfort zone.

>> Create a positive environment around yourself.

>> Accept and forgive those who have caused you pain.

>> Remember to forgive, but never forget.

>> Surround yourself with the right people.


Question: How is pain a gift?

Answer: Yes pain is definitely a gift from a higher power.

Pain teaches us:

>> To live with hope,

>> To have gratitude in life and

>> To be generous among people.

Pain gives us the understanding to keep an attitude of gratitude all the time and in life.


Question: When people get hurt, do they learn to hate?

Answer: When people get hurt, it pains them. Pain allows people to be kind and pain allows people to grow, but how you choose to grow is only up to you. It is for you to decide which direction you want to go.

Sometimes, when people get hurt, they decide to break all relations with friends and family. They learn to live in isolation and then they become more self-centered. They always look for a spot to be alone and then they use hate as their “Escape Plan”. This is the reason why people in pain learn to hate.

why pain is inevitable? buddha on pain, motivation on suffering
Pain is inevitable, Suffering is Optional – Lord Buddha


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