Surprising power of Lying- You will win when you tell a Lie?

The power of lying: How it can be used to manipulate, deceive, and even persuade others.

Hey there, curious minds! Ever thought that a little white lie could actually help you succeed? Sounds strange, right? But believe it or not, there’s a trick to it! Imagine you’re in a tricky spot, like a job interview. The interviewer asks about something you know a bit, but not fully. Here’s where the power … Read more

How does lying affect your future? The damage of lies.

A labyrinth of lies represents the difficulty of getting out of a lie once you've told it.

Lying may seem like a quick fix to avoid trouble, but it can have a lasting impact on your future. It can damage your relationships, hinder your opportunities, and create unnecessary stress. Being truthful and honest is not always easy, but it’s the best way to build a bright future filled with trust, success, and … Read more

Why do liars succeed? What does psychology say about liars?

"The enigma of lying success: Unveiling the philosophy"

Have you ever wondered why some individuals weave elaborate tales while others value truth above all else? Psychology, the science of understanding human behavior, shines a spotlight on the intriguing world of liars. Delving into the psychology of liars unravels the intricate threads that connect motivation, emotion, and deception. “A lie can travel halfway around … Read more

Exposed- How to fight a Liar? How Lying destroys a happy life?

Person feeling betrayed by a liar and experiencing the emotional impact of lying

Life is like a big puzzle, and honesty is an important piece that brings us happiness. Think about happiness as a bright sunbeam that can fade if we tell lies. Imagine if everyone told the truth, like a big family sharing secrets. In that world, happiness would shine like a happy festival. Lying is like … Read more

51 Social Rules that guarantee Success and Satisfaction | Grandpa’s advice

Grandpa's advice for success and satisfaction 51 social rules to live by The secret to a happy and fulfilling life Grandpa's wisdom on life

Social responsibility and sensibility are essential for a happy and fulfilling life. Humans are social creatures who crave connection and belonging. Socializing is essential for our well-being, and isolation can lead to emotional pain and health problems. Following social rules is also important. These rules promote respect, empathy, and fairness in our interactions. They help … Read more

Riddles for Happiness| Make life Better

A motivational image about happiness, An inspirational image about riddles

1.    Riddle: What is the key that unlocks the door to happiness?   Answer 1: Contentment Show AnswerClose 2.     Riddle: I am always in your hands, but you cannot hold me for long. I bring joy and happiness wherever I go. What am I?   Answer 2: A smile Show AnswerClose 3.  Riddle: I am something that … Read more

What Happened in Satya Yuga: The Extract of Happiness

Happiness in Satya Yuga, Divine era exploration, Spiritual enlightenment in Satya Yuga

Satya Yuga, also known as the “Age of Truth” or the “Golden Age” and is believed to be the first of the four yugas (ages) in Hindu cosmology. It represents an era of spiritual enlightenment, righteousness, and harmony. In this article, we will explore the essence of Satya Yuga and uncover the extract of happiness … Read more

What says Buddha on suffering? 3 types of suffering in Buddhism.

What does buddha say on suffering. buddha on suffering

The root cause of all suffering is attachment, says Buddha on suffering. In life, we come across many people and things. We use people and things according to our needs, but when we become dependent on someone or something, then it creates dependency. And when we become dependent, then we become vulnerable to destruction. Our … Read more

What does God say about suffering? Is suffering God’s fault?

what does god say about suffering? suffering vd god

Suffering is a result of human sin against God suffering comes into our lives because of our own sinful actions we suffer because of the wrong choices and incorrect decisions we made in the past. Mother Teresa said: Suffering is a gift. Though, like all gifts, it depends on how we receive it, and that … Read more

Why do we suffer in this life? Is life full of suffering?

Why do we suffer in this life Is life full of suffering

We suffer in this life because we have many unending Desires, which may never be fulfilled. We suffer because we keep a lot more expectations from our loved ones. We suffer because we get over-attached to some other person or thing and for that, we need to learn to live with detached attachment. We suffer … Read more