How do affirmations work?| Daily affirmations for happiness and health.

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Affirmations are positive statements, specifically designed to help you to overcome self-sabotaging, negative thought patterns. Daily affirmations for happiness and health, help you to affirm your belief, helping you make positive changes in your life.

“Believe you deserve it, and the universe will serve it”

# Positive affirmations are positive phrases used to achieve a positive mindset.

# They are very easy to define and easier to practice.

# These can be custom-designed phrases to whatever suits your personality and satisfies your soul.

Therefore, affirmations are powerful self-help tools that can be used to positively influence your feelings, moods, thoughts, and habits. These require consistent practice to become a habit and be effective in our life.

Affirmations can be used to re-program your brain and transform your life to achieve the desired outcome.

You can use positive affirmations to:

>> Motivate yourself,

>> Inspire confidence,

>> Boost your self-esteem.

If you find yourself surrounded by negative self-talk most of the time, then positive affirmations can be used to suppress your sad emotions and replace them with happy ones.

“Whatever you hold in your mind on a constant basis is exactly what you will experience in life” Tony Robbins

Bonus fact:

An affirmation that focuses on your purpose, it accepts a negative, untrue belief and replaces it with a positive one. Resulting in the manifestation of a reality that matches your moral values.

Moreover, It is more important that you identify an affirmation that is truly believable as you could otherwise recite an affirmation that will have the opposite effect.

“Affirmations motivate, encourage, and inspire us to take action and to realize our goals”

“A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts.” – James Allen, As a Man Thinketh

Why positive Affirmations are important and why do people Use Affirmations?

Affirmations reflect moral values Your affirmations reflect your core personal values means that it will make sense only if they are in harmony with your belief system and moral values
Your affirmations reflect your core personal values

Another evidence suggests that affirmations can help you to perform better at work. According to researchers, if you spend just a few minutes thinking about your best qualities (you feel confident) before a high-pressure meeting, you will be able to:–

# Calm your nerves,

# Boost your confidence level, and

# Increase your success rate

Self-made positive affirmations have been successful in treating people with >> 

>> Low self-esteem,

>> Depression in life and

>> Other mental health conditions.

Affirmations can also stimulate the areas of the brain that make us more active and increase productivity in life.

Moreover, affirmations help establish your self-worth. This factor of “self-worth” increases your well-being, and your dignity in life and helps you live with a purpose along with a passion statement attached to it.

“The impossible takes time, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen”

“We do not need magic to transform our lives. We carry all the power we need, inside ourselves, already” J.k. Rowling.


There is evidence that>>

Higher self-esteem =  more effective is the result of affirmations.

Research has also found that

Low self-esteem =  Can cause more damage to your situation and make you feel worse.

This is because  “Low self-esteem” has a stronger manifestation. This is because, there will be a conflict in the state of mind, that will produce more negative feelings and furthermore, worsen the outcome.

That is why, before starting the affirmations, first, boost your self-esteem.

I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest”  Muhammad Ali

How and when to Use Positive Affirmations?

Daily affirmations for happiness and health can be used in every situation where you want to bring positive change. They can be used whenever you want to:

>> Install a new habit in your life.

>> Boost up your confidence levels before a presentation or an important meeting.

>> Suppress your negative feelings such as anger or rage.

>> Whenever you want to control the emotions controlling your body.

>> Level up your self-esteem.

>> Setting up personal goals.

>> Finish projects you’ve on the desired time limit.

>> Improving productivity and

>> Re-programming your brain to develop a new habit.

Therefore, People use affirmations on a daily basis for several purposes.

Affirmations are used:

>> In the reprogramming of the subconscious mind,

>> To condition and nurture the mindset,

>> They also, help us create the reality we desire in our life by tapping into the laws that are governed by “the law of attraction”.

Affirmations can help us achieve the:

>> Healthy body of our dreams,

>> Wealth we desire,

>> Get the lifestyle we want to live,

>> Attract the love we deserve, and

>> Help us tap into the abundant reserves of happiness.


>> Affirmations: Write them down and say them aloud in front of a mirror.

>> Affirmations may be more effective when you practice them along with meditation and visualization.

Once you’ve identified your goals, affirmative statements can help you to keep yourself motivated and achieve them.

The secret ingredient for writing effective affirmations is giving it an identity statement Identity statements are powerful motivators for self-change
Affirmations are motivated by the identity statements

What are examples of positive affirmations?

They are:-

# Today is going to be a great day,

# I am more than I think, I am.

# I am more than I appear to be.

# I choose to live confidently my entire life.

# I will embrace every outcome (good or bad) today.

# I will live the day with courage and strength.

# My life is filled with moments of extreme joy and happiness.

# I am successful.

# I am excellent at what I do.

# I am confident enough to stand up for myself.

# I have an abundance of positive energy.

# The ocean of my happiness will never go dry.

# I am extremely stable in every situation of my life.

# I love myself and accept who I am.

# I will always choose faith over fear.

# I love to work outside of my comfort zone.

# I find joy in all the happenings.

# I am obsessively expressing gratitude most of the time.

# I trust myself to make for making the best decisions for my life.

# I am willing to embrace change and respect growth.

# My mind is crystal clear, it’s strong and deadly focused.

# I have the power to create the desired reality.

# I encounter endless opportunities in my life.

# I trust the process of the universe.

# I admire the infinite blessings of the universe.

# I love the challenges as they help me grow.

# I deserve the best and that is what I get.

# My body is filled with abundant energy.

# My mind is completely focused on the task at hand.

# Because Focus: the sharper it is, the shaper you are.

# I greet every new day with gratitude.

# I live in harmony with every organism in my environment.

# I am inspired and motivated by my dreams.

# I deserve the best of everything in my life.

# Because, “Believe you deserve it, and the universe will serve it”

How can affirmations work effectively?

For these affirmations to work effectively for you.

>> Choose one affirmation at a time.

>> Repeat it aloud.

>> Hold an equivalent positive emotion while reciting the affirmation.

>> Email it to yourself or post it everywhere so that you may notice it all the time during the day.

The secret ingredient for writing effective affirmations is giving it an “identity statement”.

 Effective Affirmations are always custom-made.

Affirmations should always match your personality and should be designed in such a way so that it resonates with your belief system.

Start your affirmations with the “I” or “I am….” These types of statements turn affirmations into statements of identity.

“Identity statements are powerful motivators for self-change”.

They inspire dignity and self-confidence.


>> I am confident in public speaking.

>> I am more than what I am supposed to be

>> I live life on my own terms.

>> I am a confident inspiring personality.

From now on, “Believe in yourself, you are capable of great things in your lifetime. But great things can only be created if you believe and then take action”

Many psychologists suggest that you update your affirmations regularly, in order to preserve their emotional potency
Regular affirmations can help preserve Emotional Potency

What Are the Health Benefits of reciting positive affirmations?

Daily affirmations for happiness and health affirmations can:

>> Help us to respond in a less defensive and resistant way encountering any threats.

>> They can help lessen health deteriorating stress levels drastically.

>> Affirmations are designed to encourage an optimistic mindset. Optimism in itself is a >> powerful thing.

>> They help eradicate the habit of rumination and negative obsession.

>> Affirmations have been shown to help delay negative experiences.

>> Moreover, when we are able to replace negative messages with positive statements, we are able to construct more hopeful and encouraging narratives about ourselves.

Will Affirmations Boost Self-Esteem?

Affirmations can surely boost your self-esteem, but there are some limitations.

According to self-affirmation theory, the most important aspect is that your affirmations reflect your core personal values (Cohen & Sherman, 2014).

The other way around, it means that if you are repeating affirmations, it will make sense only if they are in harmony with your belief system and moral values.

Therefore, to have a strong impact on your self-esteem, your affirmations are designed accordingly to reinforce your sense of self-identity.

“I have the power to create the life I desire”

“Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts lead to actions. Actions over time become habits. And habits lead to long-lasting results ”

Ultimately, our thoughts create our destiny.

 “Feed your mind with success or it will rot with mediocrity”

 What is the psychology behind Positive Affirmations?

 According to Walter E. Jacobson, M.D., affirmations are useful as they tame our subconscious mind, which plays an important role in the manifestation of our desires.

Our best beliefs, moral values, our experiences in life all get recorded in the subconscious.

When we are optimistic, our lives tend to run smoothly.

Bonus tips:

# “All the good things come from the inside”

# When an egg is cracked from the outside, Life Ends. When an egg is cracked from the inside, Life begins.

# You’re like an egg – the force must come within for the chick to survive. Otherwise, it will destroy the egg completely!

# To build a habit you must repeat them daily for 30 days

Affirmations work in accordance with the “law of attraction”.

Anything we desire > with pure intention > and when we admire that desire > slowly and consistently we raise our vibration to match the frequency of our desire > Law used here = “Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it” > you get what you want and this is the theory.

With positive affirmations, people tap into large reserves of:

>> Financial abundance,

>> Satisfied living,

>> Abundant Love,

>> Desired relationships and renewed health.

“You’ve been criticizing yourself for years and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens” Louise Hay

“Affirmations can serve as inspiration, as well as simple reminders

I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that I really was the greatest Muhammad Ali quotes
Muhammad Ali quotes- i am the greatest.

How can I write/design affirmations for myself?

Affirmation statements usually target a specific area, a behavior or belief that you are struggling with.

>> Decide the areas of your life that you want to change. Like, do you want to have more patience? Or do you want more loving relationships with your friends of family? Or do you want to be more productive today?

>> Write them down and start designing your affirmations.

Be sure that your affirmations are compatible with your core values and your belief system so that you’ll feel genuinely motivated to pursue them.

>> Affirmations are always said and designed in a positive sense. This is because the impact of a negative emotion is greater in manifestation. And if we recite affirmations having a negative element in them, there is a good possibility that the opposite of “what we want” will manifest.  So we have to design these affirmations very carefully, containing only the positive element.

For example:

Wrong: I don’t want any kind of distraction in my life.

Correct:  I live a life with a powerful focus.

Both these statements are almost the same, but here if you say the “wrong” affirmation, there is a large possibility that “distraction may engulf your life.”

Wrong: I do not have any disease in my body.

Correct:  I have an extremely healthy body.

>> Make sure that your affirmation is credible and achievable.

Set realistic goals, the goals you can visualize. Base it on a realistic assessment of the facts

>> Affirmations give the best results when added with an emotional connection:

Feelings + affirmations are a deadly combination for sure manifestation. Our pure emotions and best of feelings strongly help us tune into and match the vibration of our desire.

For example:

Wrong: “I live with my aging parents,”

Correct: “I feel grateful for spending time with my mother and father.”

Wrong: “I only eat healthy food,”

Correct:   “I feel vibrant and alive when I eat healthy food.”

>> Write affirmations as if you are living your desire “right now”

For example:

Wrong: After two months, I will be happy and satisfied with my life.

Correct: I am living a happy and satisfied life.

Wrong: One day I will start my journey to self-love.

Correct: I love myself every day and will do it all my life.

Wrong: Within 2 weeks I will get rid of all distractions around me.

Correct: I live every moment will complete focus.

Bonus Facts:

>> The power of affirmations lies in repeating them to yourself regularly.

>> You can recite your affirmations several times a day, even send yourself pop up in your notifications.

>> Repeat your affirmations as soon as any negative thought enters your mind, and shift your mindset to a more positive one.

 You should always write your own affirmations.

Affirmations are fueled by the belief system we have. When we recite them, they should resonate with our own personality.

Thereafter, many psychologists suggest that you update your affirmations regularly, in order to preserve their emotional potency.

What is the warning for the usage of negative thinking?

Negative thinking can cause several health problems. These techniques are very effective in having a positive effect on you and sometimes reducing the occasional negative thinking habit.

But these are for guidance only. Loyal readers should take the advice of suitably qualified health professionals if they have more serious concerns, like behavior alterations or prolonged unhappiness.

“If you want to change the way you feel about yourself, first you have to change the way you think about yourself”  Gavin Bird 

The impossible takes time, but it doesn’t mean that it won’t happen Feed your mind with success or it will rot with mediocrity
Impossible takes time, but it sure happens

What are some positive affirmations that have changed my life?

A few examples of Daily affirmations for happiness and health are:-

# The Universe is always working to make me succeed.

# The Universe is supporting everything I do.

# I am continuously receiving the blessings of the divine.

# The Universe immediately gives me everything I need.

# I am the creator of my own life.

# I draw everything good into my life. Be it, people, jobs, circumstances, health or wealth.

# I am a money magnet.

# I  CHOOSE to think about good things only.

# I am worthy of love, respect, and the dreams I desire.

# I deserve an abundance of love and respect in my life.

# I will give respect to others and I will receive it back.

# Everyone is always ready to help me with all they’ve got.

# My thoughts are very are sane and filled powerful.

# I choose happiness today.

# I choose success today.

# I choose love and goodwill for all, today.

# I choose the right action today.

# I choose peace today.

# I’m a Pure soul

# I’m a Perfect soul

# I’m a Peaceful soul

# I’m a Powerful soul

# I’m a Happy soul

# I’m a grateful soul

# I’m a calm soul

# I’m a divine soul

# I’m being loved and supported by the universe

“You have one life; enjoy it”

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”

“Nothing good comes easily. If it did, everyone would have it”

If you want to change the way you feel about yourself, first you have to change the way you think about yourself
change the way you feel about yourself- Gavin bird quotes

An affirmation alteration is a drop-by-drop. You wash a painful wound gently, two or three times a day, until it’s healed.

“Every day in every way I am getting better and better and better.”

“We are each responsible for all of our experiences”  Louise Hay

Key points:

>> Pair your affirmations with inspired actions, in order to get the most out of Positive affirmations.

>>  Affirmations can be used to tune into different states of mind (alpha, beta, gamma).

>> “The only true remedy to change your life is to find your true self”

>> No matter how many rich friends, connections or any association you form with other people, only you alone can help yourself can help you.

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