What does God say about suffering? Is suffering God’s fault?

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Suffering is a result of human sin against God suffering comes into our lives because of our own sinful actions we suffer because of the wrong choices and incorrect decisions we made in the past.

Mother Teresa said: Suffering is a gift. Though, like all gifts, it depends on how we receive it, and that is why we need a pure heart to see the hand of God, to feel the hand of God and to recognize the gift of God in our suffering.

Suffering teaches us to trust the will of God.

buddha on suffering. What is suffering according to buddha
Suffering is caused by ignorance and selfish desire- Lord Buddha

Suffering always comes with a purpose. God blesses his people with different circumstances, to teach powerful lessons and accomplish his will through suffering.

Suffering shows us the path to reaching God.

Suffering matures our mindset and equips us for the upcoming future.

Suffering will teach you that your life is your own responsibility.

Suffering will teach you that the condition in which you are living today is because of the decisions you had taken in the past.

God will not permit any troubles to come in our life, unless he has a specific plan by which a great blessing can come out of the difficulty we are facing. — Manish Chaudhary.

The laws of the universe are the same for every human on this planet. God loves everyone equally and treats everyone equally. So, if you have a poor mindset then suffering will make your life miserable and you will experience Hell on Earth.

But if you choose a strong mindset for yourself, then suffering will give you all the powers, to see and understand the blessings in every lesson of life. Then you will understand that suffering is a tool to see happiness in every small incident of life.

Is suffering God’s fault?

In Bible, it is said that suffering is not God’s fault. Suffering happens to us because God allows us to suffer due to our sinful deeds and thus blessing us to experience the joy and fulfillment that comes afterward.

The holy scripture tells us that some people suffer because of the divine punishment, some for their faith and some suffer to save others.

Suffering is inevitable. It will surely come, but it is God who can give us grace and power to overcome every trial, understand our mistakes and finally fulfill the will of God.

Wrong actions>> sinful deeds>>suffering>> Understand our mistakes>> Live as God wants us to >> Fulfil your purpose and complete the will of God.

Sigma rule for life. Best way to live life without suffering
Life Sigma Rule, way to live life

Mistake People make:

Wrong actions>> sinful deeds>>suffering>> people have ego>> so they reject to understand their mistake>> so the suffering continues >> new chapter, new suffering>> End of life. Congratulations for a beautiful life! And Hat’s Off to your stupid ego.

There is a plan in the universe, the plan of “The Almighty” that is playing itself perfectly. It does not need your judgment or your presence in it, so understand it and stay away from it. Never ever interfere with God’s plan or you will have to face the full force of his fury. If you know what I mean?

Where is God in my suffering?

Some people say that God is present in everything, but wise people say that everything is present in God.

God created man in his own image. So, when people suffer, God is right beside them. God will break you and make you, exactly like a Potter does with his pots, to make them strong and worthy.

Nothing can separate us from God’s Love.

God shows us love in his Grace and Glory and even in his suffering, as it teaches us to be stronger and wiser.

When people are happy they often indulge in celebration, get intoxicated and forget God. But when in misery and in trouble they fold both their hands and desperately pray to God. Why is it so? Why do they learn so late?

The answer to this question is because,“ The pain is not enough”. When there is little pain in your life, you will never remember God, but when the pain becomes severe, makes you miserable, and when you don’t find a way out. Then you will definitely seek help from a higher power.

what suffering teach us, what is will of god. does god wants us to suffer?
Suffering teaches us to trust the will of God.

God is our creator and it is our duty to show gratitude to the almighty, every day and thank him for giving us one more day to feel the wonders of his world.

Suffering takes us closer to God.

 Frequently asked questions:

Question: What does the Buddha say about suffering?

Answer: Buddha says that the root cause of all suffering is attachment.

Gautama Buddha describes the four noble truths of life as:

1>> Our life is full of suffering.

2>> Suffering is caused by ignorance and selfish desire.

3>> When ignorance and craving are reduced suffering is also reduced.

4>> The way to overcome suffering is the path to enlightenment because the pain is inevitable and the suffering is optional.

Question: Does the pain make you stronger?

Answer: Yes, the pain will definitely make you stronger. As the proverb says, the pain will eventually subside and excellence will take its place.

You have to respect the pain as it will make you stronger and prepare you for the future.

The pain is a blessing in disguise. Never evade the pain whenever you are struggling for success because, the only way out is inside (i.e. to go inside the lesson and embrace the pain).

how suffering helps us?
Suffering matures our mindset and equips us for the future

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