Does smiling reduce stress? Should you smile for too long?

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A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Yes, smiling will definitely reduce stress. The science behind smiling: When you smile, your brain will release tiny molecules called neuropeptides that help to fight off stress. After this, the neurotransmitters like Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins are also released into the bloodstream and they help in increasing our happiness.

Smiling reduces our heart rate and also helps us fight stress. The endorphins that are released when we smile act as pain relievers and the serotonin in our body acts as an antidepressant. This helps us in fighting stress.

A powerful happy attitude awakens inner strength, energy, motivation and initiative.

A smile is a curve that sets everything straight . Smile quotes -the happiness finder
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight

Smiling will improve your mood even if you fake it. Smiling enhances our looks as it prevents us from looking tired and worn out. A person who smiles , looks more confident and enthusiastic.

The simple physical act of smiling activates the areas of your brain that influence your emotional state of happiness.

You can also think of smiling as a natural antidepressant.

People with purpose, goals, and visions have no time for drama in life. They invest their energy in creativity and focus on living a positive life

Expert advice:

You should force a smile on your face. When you do that,  you fool your brain into releasing endorphins, that is the natural pain reliever and you will surely benefit from the positive effects it will bring to your body. Repeat it very often during the day and you will see astonishing results.

Does smiling extend your life?

Yes, a smile can definitely help in extending your life. Scientists have evidence that people who smile more, tend to live longer. Smiling is often accompanied by laughing and positive thinking.

When we feel sad and experience many negative emotions in life, such as anger, fear, etc. Our body tends to produce a stress hormone that is called cortisol. Excess of stress or excess cortisol in our body leads to a weaker immune system and very rapid aging of the body.

If our body is exposed to stress and cortisol for a longer period of time, it leads to a higher risk of fatal health problems like:

>> Heart disease,

>> High blood pressure and

>> Diabetes.

When we smile our bodies release endorphins that are natural pain relievers and stress busters. Endorphins cancel out the effect of cortisol, which is why Carefree and Happy people are less stressed and more healthy.

A Good Laughter that comes from the belly is:

>> Great for the lungs,

>> It is helpful in strengthening the immune system and

>> Also, it burns out a few calories in our body.

Reducing stress also increases digestion in the body and regulates the blood sugar level. It lowers blood pressure and helps you live longer. In this way, smiling will definitely extend your life.

Fake smile quotes- the happiness finder. smiling improves mood
Smiling will improve your mood even if you fake it

In a new study, researchers all around the world have found that the secret to a long life lies in a sparkling smile.

Many people see smiling as an involuntary response to something joyful.

But smiling can be voluntary, it can be conscious. Smiling can be your own choice. Whether your smile is genuine or not, whether you fake a smile, it can bring many positive changes to your body. A fake smile can elevate your mood and also help you live longer.

Always focus on consistently making small and positive changes in your life, because small steps every day adds up to big results.

Expert Advice:

Whenever you get time watch something funny. Finding the right movie, comedy show, or funny memes is your best bet to make your body healthy and happy.

Remember that laughter is the best medicine.

What do you call someone who smiles a lot?

Some people have a natural smile. They live with big sparkling smiles on their face, all the time. But there are a few people who fake a smile, those people who want to forcibly trigger the happy hormones inside the body.

But what words would you use to describe these people?

Below you will find plenty of such alternatives that you can use.

The person who Smiles a lot can be referred to as:

>> A Happy person,

>> Cheerful and a pleasant personality

Others may refer to a smiling person as:

>> Affable: An affable person who is capable, friendly, and easily approachable.

>> Amiable: it is almost the same as affable and it means a person who is easy to deal with.

>> Carefree: a carefree person is free from responsibility, worry and anxiety.

>> Cheerful: someone who is cheerful is happy throughout all behaviors, he is optimistic. A cheerful person will make your day much better.

>> Cordial: a person is cordial if he is friendly and warm but at the same time formal and polite.

>> Extrovert: If someone is extrovert, they are outgoing, active, and socially confident. An extrovert socializes easily and is generally always smiling and happy.

>> Happy-go-lucky: a “Happy-go-lucky” person takes pleasure in his life and do not worry about the future.

>> Jovial: a person who is friendly and in a good mood.

>> Joyful: a Joyful person is extremely happy.

>> Optimist: someone who is an optimist, will always have a positive outlook to everything and always expect good things to happen.

Small Steps Everyday adds up to big results. Small steps quotes, success quotes - the happiness finder
Small Steps everyday adds up to big results

Secondly, if a person smiles a lot, he can be described in two ways:

1. The person must be really happy with his life. Enjoying the smallest of blessings. The same may reflect in his “always smiling” vibrant face. I call him a truly happy person.

2. The person may not necessarily be happy with his life, but he knows how to cope and be happy in all ups and downs. Moreover, if he liked to see other people smiling, then he is carefree, takes pleasure in his life, and does not worry about the future. I call him a happy-go-lucky person, who knows the True Art of Living.

Smiling doesn’t mean that you are truly happy in life. Why?

Most people would appear to be happy outdoors, but that reality is not totally authentic. We have all put on “a fake smile” on our faces, although we may be anxious or sad.

FACT: You can’t easily distinguish if a smile a real or fake.

We live in a society that doesn’t always see vulnerability as strength. This leads us, to believe that we must show an exterior outlook that is upbeat and happy. As if nothing bothers us in life.

This is why, the celebrities that you believed, had everything in life, wound up committing suicide.

You can hide your own self from others, but you can’t hide “you” from yourself.

A smile alone doesn’t mean someone is happy. You have to carefully observe the body language and the way people speak to each other. That says much more about how someone is feeling than a smile does.

What happens if you smile for too long?

Faking your smile is good when you want to supply your body with happy hormones. Your body will sense you smiling and your brain will do the rest. But when you are not happy internally and you are forcibly faking a smile for a very long duration, it may actually make you feel worse and insane.

Positive people also have negative thoughts, but they just don’t let those bad thoughts grow and destroy their life

Expert Advice: You should never water your negative thoughts.

There is a limit to everything. There is a limit to eating your favorite pizza and there is a limit to faking a smile. It can work out “now and then”, “here and there”, but when you are forced to do something outside your comfort zone, it becomes an act of slavery. And living in slavery is the worst possible way to carry on with life.

Smiling a lot can bring some troubles in your life. If you are smiling in excess, there will be a common misconception among people that you will “never say no” to any kind of favor.

A favor done once or twice, is good, but when you are overloaded with committing favors to other people and getting nothing in return, it becomes a real headache.

Researchers found that smiling a lot can turn you into “a people pleaser” and this lifestyle is known to fill your life with guilt and sorrow in a long run.

There are some people who force themselves to smile, in the hope to feel better or whenever they want to hide their negative emotions. It is found that this strategy, when used for the short term, may backfire and leave you with more scars and sorrow than before.

And lastly, when you are smiling a lot, your friends and all the people around you, will think that your smiling is not real. There will be a misconception that your smile is your normal behavior and they will think that whenever you smile, it does not mean anything special.

So, smiling in excess may badly lower your cheerful image in society.

What happens if you don’t smile?

Smiling is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a social connection between people,”- American happiness researcher Shawn

smile quotes, smiling vs joy - the happiness finder
Many people see smiling as an involuntary response to something joyful

Benefits, if you don’t smile a lot or you choose not to smile then:

1. Those nasty smile wrinkles would go away. Smiling a lot can cause serious wrinkles on your face and if someone does not smile, they may have more youthful skin despite looking less joyful.

2. People take you more seriously. Smiling is good for you, it is good for your health. But sometimes when you smile in excess, people stop taking your words seriously. You become a mere tool for creating a happy atmosphere.

3. People who like you will be concerned about your happiness. You may even become the center of attraction at some places.

4. If you stopped ‘wearing a smile’ all the time, and only smiled when appropriate, your social status will rise. People will see that you’ve chosen to be honest – instead of merely ‘trolling for friends’.

Expert Advice :

Always hang along with Happy People. Life is affected positively or negatively by the people you hang around. So, if you accompany someone who puts a sparkling smile on your face and who tends to make other people happy, you will feel the positive, happy hormones flowing inside your body and you will be more confident and happier.

What would happen if you never smiled- a true story by Mark Coomes.

Mark Coomes- To tell you the truth, after my accident, I very rarely smiled. I had to learn emotions all over again. It was very difficult, but it was the only choice I had.

I became an introvert, self-centered, and less people-friendly and people didn’t want to be around me or have me around them. Reality struck me very hard and I lost all my friendly relations.

Losing all your “friends” is very much possible and happened to me in reality. I learned that people don’t like to hang out with the less fortunate. This hurts, but really makes one think about why this was happening.

That was the time when I found out that I had to do some reality checks.

After that, I completely focussed on myself, and worked on my self-development for the next 8 to 10 years and beyond. This self-development and self-love made me who I am today and now I realize that I am fine being alone.

Living in isolation for so many years and I learned to really enjoy doing my work. Eventually, I found out that I loved creativity and learning new things.

I have a habit of researching everything that I am curious about, which I think has made me quite knowledgeable. But that is what happened to me, and

>> I forgot to smile and realized that, it will hurt the next time I try to smile, afters such trauma.

>> Learnt that, you use your muscles to smile and just like any other muscles they will get lazy, if you don’t use them regularly.

If you don’t smile, over time, the shape of your face would slowly change. You may start looking more unfriendly or form a neutral disposition. You’d also have fewer smile wrinkles.

Always focus on the positive and don’t let the negative control your life.

smiling creates social connection, smiling quotes- the happiness finder
Smiling is one of the fastest and easiest ways to create a social connection between people

What is an eye-smile?

>> An eye-smile is when you are able to convey a smile with your eyes.

>> An eye-smile can also be described as the crescent moon-like shape, the eye curves into, when someone smiles. It is a very common trait associated with Korean/ Asian culture.

>> An eye-smile is often referred to as a most authentic expression of happiness. The people with an eye-smile are often acknowledged as truly happy.

An “eye-smile” is also referred called as Duchenne smile. When it is the smile, that reaches your eyes, making the corners of your eyes wrinkle up, with crows feet, it is called the Duchenne smile.

This type of smile is produced by the joint actions of two facial muscles. The zygomaticus major muscle lifts the corners of your mouth while the orbicularis oculi raise your cheeks, causing the subsequent laugh lines at the outside corners of your eyes.

>> An eye-smile is basically when you smile and your eyes sort of look like you squinting, but you are not. Your eye just smiles with you.

>> An eye-smile (in Korean), is the crescent moon-like shape of the eye when one smiles.

The first idol with “eye-smile” that comes to my mind is NCT’s Jeno.

Expert Advice:

Fake a smile: your brain doesn’t know the difference.


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