Why happiness is important than success? Success or happiness?

why happiness is important than success. happiness or success. happiness by manish chaudhary

Happiness is a state of mind and success is a worldly pleasure. Success is something you attract because of the person you become. Happiness is important than success  in many ways. A successful person can be unhappy and it is not mandatory for happy person to be successful at everything. Thus we say that happiness … Read more

What is the power of happiness? Do happy people live longer?

What is the power of happiness What creates happiness?, What is the value of happiness?,

Happiness is the one thing that everyone desperately wants. If you somehow manage to attract real happiness in your life, it is so powerful that it will elevate almost everything in your life. The power of happiness is neither easy to achieve nor difficult to maintain. “Happiness doesn’t just flow from success; it actually causes … Read more