Why are bad people blessed? and why do bad things happen to good people?

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Good people have Expectations that “do good and good will happen to you as well” and this expectation is the root cause of all the suffering in their life. This is the reason that it is very often asked, why bad things happen to good people. Whereas, “not good” people are mostly very much clearer about what they want out of life. They are focused and take action in the same direction as their thoughts and that is why they achieve and feel blessed. Calling them bad is your own perception, but mostly they are selfish for their life and self-centered and that is why people call them bad.

The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are” – G. Hawn.

motivation for suffering, how to overcome any suffering, attitude sigma
You will grow through what you go through!!- MAC sigma male attitude

Sadhguru says:  Life is a reality and suffering is inevitable in this reality. A lot of good people suffer through terrible things in life. It is not possible always that all the good happens to only the good people. This is not a movie, this is real life and here, there are lots of good people who suffer like hell.

“The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain”

The people we call as “bad people”, are also blessed with loads of goodness and happiness in their life. And why is it so that bad people seem more happy in life? Let’s find out.
Normally, when unexpected things or miserable things happen in our life, we ask ourselves one question. Why always me?
> We obsess that why these things happen only to me only?
> What is wrong with me?
> What possible wrong, I must have done in my past life?
> Is this my karma?
> Is it happening to me because of something I did in the past?
To answer this, the great leader supreme Buddha told a very important fact of life.

“Sabbe Dhamma Anatta” – Lord Buddha

Which means that everything is not yourself. Everything is not under your control. We will never know what will be happening in the very next moment. We don’t have any control over the past or the future. “All we have is now” Our life is uncertain, we even don’t know whether you are going live the next minute or not.
“Life is very uncertain and there is a big mystery and misconception about the future”

best attitude toward suffering, why suffering is good for future.
“The wise, don’t suffer their sufferings, they embrace it and learn from it”

So whenever unexpected things happen in life, the basic nature of our mind is to always regret about that. Humans have a greater sensitivity to the negative side of things. Our mind is more inclined to the negative side of the situation and the mind will prepare itself for the fight and flight mode accordingly.

“Sit patiently” with the pain until it passes and you will be calmer for the next one.

Whenever we are going through a very tough time or we can say whenever misfortune hits our life, we may start to regret our past actions and blame our Karma for everything bad happening to us.
This is because we all know that “Our life is our own responsibility”. “Our happiness is our own responsibility”.
“As you sow, so shall you reap”
We start regretting and blaming our past thoughts and actions for all the miserable manifestations happening to us.

In this situation, in order to get rid of all this negativity, first of all, you need to change your mindset and go for a “Mindset Reset”. Change your perception of things and start looking at the brighter side of the situation, towards the most positive outcome of your situation.

There are so many things in your life that can make you happy, just by thinking about them. There are so many happenings in your life that can make you happy just in an instant, if you pay enough attention.
But instead, everybody is just focussed on the worst possible outcome in their life.

“The cure for pain is in the pain”

when will pain leave you you. universal law for pain and suffering.
The pain will leave once it has finished teaching you”

You can see it all around in society that many people who are blessed with the best of riches in their life, even they get sad and depressed by the smallest of bad happening in the day.

Like, there can be an incident in which someone talked disrespectfully with them. This small incident will make those rich people feel miserable all day long. Because they will eventually find out that even after working so hard in life, after gathering all these riches, still they are unable to command the much-needed respect from people.

So always remember “in life, the feeling is everything and if you are feeling bad about life, it’s a really pitiful situation” and it will lead you to overthink your biggest fear. Please spare two minutes and think about this last line, it will help you a lot.

How does overthinking kill happiness and leave you in depression?

Overthinking about an outcome can make life more miserable and this ripple effect keeps repeating again and again, all day and every day. This will take away all the happiness from your life and leave you depressed and damaged.

The only thing you have to do is come out of this loop. This same situation is happening with everybody in this whole wide world. Everyone is trapped in this life-sucking abyss of overthinking.

When will you see all the blessings in your life?

If and when you find a way out of this negative loop, then you will have all the eyes, you need, to see the overload of blessings in your own life. And as you learn to focus on the brighter side of your life, you start drifting your life from a negative place to a positive one.

My advice to you would be that always be ready for the worst. Always remember that life is unfair. Life will always hit you when you least expect it to. You have to be always ready to face any unwanted situation in your life.

what will make you happy in life. what is the secret to happiness by manish chaudhary
The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are” – G. Hawn.

If you think that “we are good people and nothing, but only good will happen to us”, let me tell you that this is a wrong mindset, this is a misconception in every God-fearing person.
“Being good is the right thing to do, living a truthful life is the best way to live a life, but having an expectation that if I am good and everything good will happen to me, “this expectation is wrong”.
This concept you believe in, is written nowhere and there is no one to blame for anything wrong happening to you. Tell me, can you go to any Court and file a complaint that why bad things are happening to good people?

Does karma really exist in the eyes of the Law?

I know people who have been horrible human beings and have still managed to do really well in life. It makes me wonder if what goes around really comes back around. So please tell me Does Karma really work?

Words of a monk on Why Bad Things Happen to good people and Karma:-

“There is a plan in the universe, the plan of The Infinite intelligence, that is playing itself perfectly and it does not need you, or your guidance or support. “God’s plan”

Does karma care about your life?

Always remember that Karma and life do not care about you. The way you want to live is your own choice. If you want to be good to others, is it your own decision to make, and if you are happy in being self-centered and selfish, it is again your own choice to make as “happiness is a choice”
Karma doesn’t care about how good you are with others or how bad you are and how successful you are or what social status you are in. Karma doesn’t care at all.

Karma and life have their own ways, a set of Universal laws that karma will always keep amending on its own. So there will be tough times, there will be bad times, also there will be easy times and there will be happy times.

“The wise, don’t suffer their sufferings they embrace it and learn from it”

Life is like a book. Remember, when we are reading a book we go through different sad chapters and many happy chapters and also we go through some adventurous chapters, it is a mix of a little bit of every emotion.
But, if someone met a sad chapter and after that he stopped reading the book and kept it away because he can’t tolerate the sadness, then that person cannot enjoy the whole essence of the book. Same is the case with life, and life is also like that.

In life you will live through sad and good chapters and alsoa  few adventures chapters. But tell me if you stop in the sad chapter of your life, what will happen?

If you choose to stop at sadness, after that you will never be able to succeed in your life. Because you will develop a wrong belief that this life is sad and miserable and you will seek misery in everything you come across.

That is why there is a saying that “if you focus on the pain you will start to suffer” and
If you focus on the bright side you will create a good life because:
Focus: “The sharper it is, the shaper you are”

So embrace the pain and understand that what it is trying to teach you. Learn it like a good student and once the lesson is complete, the pain will leave you. This is a secret of the universe.
“The pain will leave once it has finished teaching you”

Where ever focus goes, that thing grows. If you focus on pain, the pain will grow.
If you focus on the lesson you will start to grow.

Whenever you are facing problems, maybe a family problem or a work problem or a relationship problem, you should not make that problem your final destination. Deal with it as a part of life. Do not stop at your problem, you have to go through them.

why people have to suffer more pain. why not escape pain.
The attempt to escape from pain is what creates more pain

You have to keep going and keep growing because “the only way out is inside”. That is why there is a saying that:-

“You will grow through what you go through”.

What to do when bad things keep happening to you?

Always keep in mind that life is unfair and that is why the Supreme Buddha has said “Sabbe Sankhara Dukkha” that everything that is under another’s control is Suffering. And also we cannot expect everything to happen according to our own wishes because there is always a bigger Boss everywhere. Therefore, we have to learn to accept and embrace suffering and grow in life. This is said to be the wisest decision of all.

The Supreme Buddha said “Sadharan vihanate” .. This is a great saying of the Supreme Buddha and it means that if you expect fairness from this unfair life you will end up being an exhausted person and this is the reality of this universe. So therefore, Lord buddha teaches us:-
>> “Always accept everything and expect nothing”
>> “Keep a detached attachment from everything and everybody in your life”
and you will be always happy.

Why does God, let bad things happen to us?

This can be answered by a quote that says:-

“To live is to suffer and to survive is to find the meaning in suffering”

“Suffering is your perception clashing with the reality” – Sven.S

Understand this very carefully.

There is nothing good or bad here. It is just the fact that the universe has to maintain a balance in every extremity.

The universe is bound to remain in the state of equilibrium, always. And this is the father of all rules of this universe.

If you expect fairness from this unfair life, you will end up as a tired and fatigued person because life is unfair. The problem is that we want everything to be under our own control, we want everything to happen according to our own will.

Remember, bad things always happen to good people, but good things also happen to good people.

So you should look at the brighter side, you should learn to embrace life as it is. In this situation “surrender is a key”. When you surrender yourself to the almighty, to this supreme being, when you surrender yourself to the plan of the universe you will feel satisfied with every Breath You take.

Therefore, you should learn to bring your focus from the “Dark Side” of life to the brighter side.

The more you focus on positivity, the more you will happify your beautiful life.

“Suffering is a part of our training program to become wise” – Ram Dass

what is the true meaning of suffering. can we suffer and live together. why i suffer
To live is to suffer and to survive is to find the meaning in suffering”

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