Is happiness a choice? What does God say about happiness?

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Your happiness will not come to you, your happiness can only come from within you. Ralph. M

 Yes, happiness is a choice and it is up to you personally to choose happiness every single day. Happy people never seek happiness in other people or other materialistic things. They are not held ‘Hostage’ by any circumstances or situation.

True happiness does not come from materialistic possessions, it is an internal state of mind.

Finding joy in the journey is the key to choosing happiness.

Furthermore, happiness comes with good actions and it is up to you, to choose good deeds. Remember that you yourself are responsible for your own happiness. Whether you will believe it or not, only you are responsible for the current situation of your life, which is further a result of the choices you made in the past.

Happiness is a choice, choose to be happy and you will be.

when will happiness come to me. how to call happiness ?
Your happiness will not come to you, your happiness can only come from within you.

A few ways to choose happiness daily are:

>> Always carry a smile on your face because a smile is a curve that can set everything straight. You can actually reprogram yourself to experience happiness by choosing to smile.

>> Have a list of positive affirmations always with you. Repeat the affirmations daily and start attracting happiness into your life.

>> Always count your blessings.

>> Be happy with what you have and who you are.

>> Never compare, never complain, and never criticize. These habits can kill happiness in a flash.

>> Have a good relaxing sleep and wake up whenever you are comfortable.

>> Never compromise with your sleep and always focus on your strengths.

>> Never speak anything bad about yourself.

>> Be thankful for what you have in life.

>> Never regret your actions.

>> Do not sabotage your self-image. A wise man once said that “Let the world speak bad things about you, but you should never speak bad words about yourself” and in the end

>> Be healthy, be strong and live wisely. You will surely experience the best of Happiness.

Happiness is being able to enjoy life with a peaceful mind that is constantly craving for more

What does God say about happiness?

The only source of true happiness is “the Almighty Lord”. All the things that come into your life and the things that give you happiness are the creation of God. All those things give you happiness because you believe in the existence of God.

Happiness is the inner peace that will come when will learn to embrace the change.

when will happiness come to me. how to call happiness. manish on happiness
Happiness is the inner peace that will come when we learn to embrace the change (1)

If you fear God, you will always have an “attitude of gratitude”. You will thank God for everything and everyone you have in life. You will never regret your actions because you know that everything is happening because the lord wants it to happen.

Moreover, it is said that when God was alone, he created mankind for his own amusement. So what should be our true purpose in life?

Our purpose in life is to “perfectly play” the role that God has assigned to us. If we are going in the direction that God wants us to go, we will experience happiness all along our journey, happiness will become our nature.

Happiness will become our character when we blindly follow the path of  Infinite intelligence.

You will never be at a loss of hope or happiness. You will always feel a helping hand whenever you are stuck in life.

As the proverb says, “To achieve something you have to sacrifice something”. And if you are sacrificing your desire to fulfill the plan of God, then happiness will come back to you 100 times more. Moreover, you may receive lifelong happiness and perfect health.

No person can make you happy unless you yourself decide to be happy.

God surely wants us to be happy. God wants us to remain happy for long, but the only way to find happiness is through God. This is because he created us and he knows what will really make us happy.

It’s not how much we have, but how much we enjoy in our life, that builds our happiness.

We have to respect and accept every action of God.

In addition, God’s wish should be your will.

what is real happiness. how happiness is inside me? manish on happiness
Real happiness is waking up and realizing that you don’t have to impress anybody else

Always remember, even when you are feeling low, you should be happy that you are always in God’s grace, 24×7.

A happy person is content with his lot, whatever it may be, without wishing for whatever he has not– Lucas A Seneca

Why being happy is important?

Being happy is really important because happiness is the one and only thing that everyone is craving for, every day and every moment in his life.

Happiness is a luxury that is in demand, in all seasons.

Happiness is all about enjoying all the little things in life.

Furthermore, happiness is a blessing from “the Almighty” and everybody wants to own his share of happiness from the Supreme Power.

Happiness gives good health and longevity.

A few health benefits of happiness are:

>> It improves heart health.

>> Happiness lowers stress and hormonal levels in the body.

> It helps with the anxiety and depression caused by difficult circumstances.

>> Happiness improves our immune system and keeps us away from many diseases.

>> Happy people are more successful in life.

>> Happy people maintain better relationships.

>> They are more creative and

>> Being happy promotes a Healthy lifestyle.

Moreover, happy People are “God-fearing” and are satisfied most of the time of their life.

Real happiness is realizing that the greatest of blessings of mankind is within us and within in our reach.

what is true happiness. how to find true happiness? manish on happiness
True happiness is to enjoy the present without being dependent on the future.

What is the full form of Happy?

H- Hours of happy time with friends and family.

A- Abundant time for relaxation.

P- Prosperity and new opportunity.

P- Passionate, patient, and plenty of love when you need it the most.

Y- Youthful excitement at life simple pleasures.

What are the synonyms for Happy?

Synonyms for happy are:

>> Delighted,

>> Glad,

>> Gratified,

>> Joyful,

>> Blissful,

>> Pleased,

>> Satisfied,

>> Thankful,

>> Content, and

>> Joyous.

Real happiness is waking up and realizing that you don’t have to impress anybody else but yourself.

What time is happy hour?

Happy hour is a marketing term for the time that is used worldwide by bars and restaurants when they offer reduced prices on alcoholic drinks and beverages. Discounted items on the menu are served during Happy Hours. This is a way for the bars and restaurants to attract more business before and after peak hours.

True happiness is to enjoy the present without being dependent on the future.

This is because during peak hours, the customer will surely flood inside the bars and restaurants, and so there is no need for a discount. Therefore, during non-peak hours, i.e. During breakfast, lunch, and dinner time the food is served at full rates, but in between, this interval of time, during the day and evening, we see the fine restaurants and bars serving food and drinks under “Happy Hours” (discounts).

What does happy hour usually mean? give example of happy hour.
A happy hour” strikes as “the time beautifully spent that will leave a smile on a face at the end”

Besides, the time of “Happy hours” may vary from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.,  3 p.m. to 5 p.m., and 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. The words happy and hour, have been used for centuries whenever people wanted to describe pleasant times and so in the mindset of people the term “happy hour” strikes as “the time beautifully spent, that will leave a smile on a face at the end”.

“ A happy hour” strikes as “the time beautifully spent that will leave a smile on a face at the end”.

A happy hour is often kept short as a shorter “Happy Hour”:-

>> Creates urgency and scarcity among people. This help in increasing restaurant sales.

>> Shorter happy hours generate less mental resistance because when the time is less, people also have less time to make a decision.

So they decide to opt for the service in that “happy hour” as they think that if they spend too much time deciding what to do, they may miss a good lightning deal that could fill their tummy in less expenditure.

True happiness is to live a satisfied life without amusing ourselves with either hope or fears of life

Who is always happy?

Jovial is it term used to describe a person who is always happy. A jovial person is often very talkative and socializes politely with other people. Also, in reality, the person who is always happy will have an “attitude of gratitude”.

Being happy requires less effort than you think

The person who shows gratitude for everything and everyone in his life, is always God-fearing. The one who is God-fearing, will always be thankful and grateful for his every possession. He will be completely satisfied with his life and the person who is completely satisfied with his life, will be always happy.

Happiness is a choice, not a result.

The characteristics of a person who is always happy are:

>> He is thankful for anything and everything in life.

>> He shows gratitude in every good or bad situation.

>> They never complain to God and even in extreme suffering, beg for his Mercy.

>> An always happy person has developed a keen understanding of the “Laws of the Universe”, learned every life lesson like a good student, then accepted and applied all those learnings in his life effectively.

>> An always happy person never complains in misery, they take every trouble as a lesson that has been designed by “the Almighty”.

>> He has surrendered himself to the supreme will of God, and

>> He has learned to accept everything and expect nothing because expectation is the root cause of all suffering in life.

Real happiness comes from peace and self-love.

List the happiest countries in the world.

The world happiness report gives us the happiest countries in the world.

The world happiness report is calculated by specifically monitoring the performance of a country in six particular categories, they are:

1. Gross Domestic Product per capita. (GDP per capita)

2. Social support,

3  Healthy life expectancy,

4. Freedom to make your own life choices,

5. Generosity of the general population,

6. Perception of the internal and external corruption levels.

According to the performance in these six categories, the countries are evaluated and ranked in the happiness index.

The top 7 Happiest Countries in the World, 2021 report are:

1. Finland    Score (7.842) out of 10

2. Denmark 36 Score (7.620) out of 10

3. Switzerland Score (7.571) out of 10

4. Iceland and Score (7.554) out of 10

5. Netherland Score (7.464) out of 10

6. Norway Score (7.392) out of 10

7. Sweden  Score (7.363) out of 10

The least happy countries in the World, 2021 report are:-

145 Lesotho, Score (3.512) out of 10

146 Botswana, Score (3.467) out of 10

147 Rwanda, Score (3.415) out of 10

148 Zimbabwe, Score (3.145) out of 10

149 Afghanistan, Score (2.523) out of 10

10 Habits of Happy People are:

>> They count their blessings.

>> Happy People always walk with confidence and carry a smile on their faces.

>> Speak affirmations daily.

>> Happy people are those who are able to get a good sleep and who wake up on their own terms.

>> People who are really happy, never compare, never complain, and never criticize anyone or anything.

>> They focus on strengths.

>> They have a min set to focus on “you” until the focus becomes “you”.

>> They treat others well.

>> They do meditation every day no matter what and

>> Happy People always look out for a lesson in every pain.

What is the full form of happiness?

H- Honest

A- Accepting

P- People lover

P- Positive Outlook

I- Impeccable mindset

N- Not dependent

E- Earnest

S- Serene, and

S- Satisfied with life.

how to trap happiness, how can i make happiness forever mine. manish on happiness
Happiness is all about enjoying all the little things in life

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